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Scaling your Sales process and team for B-to-B Startups

Are you ready to build
your sales team?

Weekly gatherings on Thursdays at 1PM ET

REAP group with
Bard Chadera

"Accelerating Growth: Maximizing Revenue Strategies"
is designed for you.

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Founder, Co-founder, CEO, C-executive developing a B-to-B software, SaaS or tech startup. 

You are ready to take your sales game to the next level and understand of what it takes to build a top-performing sales team that consistently hits its targets.  

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To grow your business you want guidance and support on bringing the right sales people within your organization and you really want answers to:


  1. What does an effective sales management team look like?

  2. What are the different sales tools and technologies available to improve sales performance?

  3. How can the sales process be structured and streamlined to increase efficiency and close more deals?

  4. Why is culture considered a significant factor in the success of a sales team?

  5. What are the key components of defining the target market 

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  1. To be guided by a seasoned executive who has done it before. As an entrepreneur, being accountable and supported is vital to your success.

  2. To be inspired and to have clarity about your weekly focus to see real progress.

  3. Weekly opportunities to discuss your milestones. 

  4. Introductions to entrepreneurs with a similar passion and path in a trusted environment.


By the end of the 3 months, you will

  • Celebrate your business achievements 

  • Accomplish your goals and objectives

  • Build relationships with peers


You will also receive:

  • A login to Reap Software

  • Access to best-in-class frameworks

  • The opportunity to learn from other Reap Advisors

  • Discover Web3 by attending Reap MeetUps

Reap Sprint “Accelerating Growth: Maximizing Revenue Strategies" will give you the business and sales guidance you need.

And connect you with other tech obsessed startups and entrepreneurs.



Each week, you will be immersed in a Reap experience to help you gain clarity or inspiration. You'll be given opportunities to give and receive guidance, and answers using the Reap gatherings signature with liberating structure techniques such as brainstorming, sitting in the clarity seat, participating in the weekly stand-up, a business plan crafting, or joining a group auditing session.


Designed for early-stage technology companies, your Reap Advisor brings attention to each founder to help them figure out:


Building a Dream Sales Team

Effective hiring and management of a sales team requires a combination of profiling, compensating, and creating a supportive culture.


In this track, we’ll discuss:

  • What is an effective sales management team

  • How to hire the ideal profile of sales reps 

  • How to create a comprehensive compensation plan that motivates and rewards the team

  • Why culture plays a significant role in sales team success


Unlocking the Secrets of Target Market Mastery

Defining a target market is a crucial step in developing a successful marketing strategy. Understanding the industry and target customer characteristics is key to creating a focused and effective sales campaign.


In this track, we’ll address the following key steps.


  • First step: Identify the industry(ies) most suitable for your products/services

  • Create a detailed profile of the ideal customer (including demographics, psychographics, buying habits, pain points)

  • Thoroughly researching and understanding the target market leads to effective marketing campaigns

  • Learn the key components of defining the target market and how to use this information for a targeted and effective marketing strategy.


Mastering the Art of Sales: Strategies, Tools, and Techniques for Exceptional Performance

Finally, we will delve into the key elements of a successful sales process and methodology. We will focus on effective negotiation strategies, tools and techniques to enhance your sales performance, and the opportunities and challenges of selling in an offshore market.


In this track, we’ll discuss:


  • Focus on effective negotiation strategies, sales tools and techniques, and offshore market opportunities/challenges

  • Learn how to structure and streamline the sales process to increase efficiency and close more deals

  • Gain skills in effectively negotiating with clients, overcoming objections, and closing sales deals

  • Explore various sales tools and technologies to improve sales performance (CRM, sales enablement tools)

  • Discuss unique opportunities and challenges of selling in offshore markets (cultural differences, communication barriers, local laws/regulations)


Navigating the complexities of outsourcing with ease, Bard leverages his 30+ years of experience as a global BPO executive to help entrepreneurs avoid hidden pitfalls.

Bard is passionate about sales and technology, and is expert in outsourcing. He is very knowledgeable about the B-to-B tech space and cares about our success as if his life depended on it.

Reap is the fuel any growing business needs. The spring cohort creates urgency, brings discipline and focus, and has been a space to experiment and push the boundaries of how to market our solution.

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Running a business is no picnic. Why go it alone? 

Join a community
with more ways
to help you thrive.

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