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Bard Chodera
Chief Sales Officer
REAP Advisor
New York, USA

Bard Chodera is a seasoned expert with a strong leadership vision and entrepreneurial mindset. With exceptional business and sales acumen, Bard has a broad-based experience and a proven record of accomplishments in start-ups and turnaround situations. 


Known for being a decisive strategic thinker with superb interpersonal skills, Bard is a proven leader, team builder, and mentor. Bard's unique blend of abilities and experience allows for a deep understanding of the complex relationship between business needs, stakeholders, and the bottom-line. 

Bard Chodera

With Bard on the team, organizations can expect strong and effective leadership that drives results.

Bard’s ability to translate complex solutions
into a simple concept gives an organization an advantage over rivals and propels organizations
to the top of their client recognition list.


My strength lies in developing strategies that feature a smooth integration across multiple channels and marketing that takes into account various cultures.

I'm dedicated to driving maximum impact for Reap entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their venture. 


  • BPO, Contact/call centers, outsourcing

  • Sales, marketing, e-commerce, digital demand center, marketing

  • multi channel, call center technology, internet, social media SaaS

Bard Chodera_edited.png


I use best-in-class frameworks to help entrepreneurs solve the specific needs of their customers and leverage opportunities in the market to build unique and sustainable solutions. 


”You never get a second chance to make a first impression. ”

Bard made distinctive contributions in strategic thinking, business development, and deal negotiations. I truly enjoyed working with him on calls to learn about a company's objectives for growth, and SLA guarantees.

I could always rely on his advice in areas that we worked together on: Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Analytics, Pipeline Generation, Revenue Enhancement, Business Process Outsourcing, and Contact/Call Centers.

Tony B.
Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions | AHC

I had the pleasure of working with Bard on a number of large scale, new business, new sector growth opportunities, and it is with pleasure that I write this recommendation.

When you’re in the pursuit of new business growth opportunities, from an operational perspective, you want to be aligned with a business development Exec that understands operations, masters the art of relationship building / management, and most importantly someone that will roll up their sleeves to get the job done.

Felix Serrano
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
at Activus Connect, a Tech Mahindra Company

I have known Bard for more than 10 years now when we first met through contact center networking groups ( ATA,SOCAP). On first calls, he always blew me away with his talent to break the ice and quickly create a connection from his experience in the industry. It was like he could turn anyone into an “old college buddy”.

Bard is an extremely knowledgeable, engaging, professional and assertive Senior VP. As a leader, he is always motivating, upbeat and demonstrates high integrity.

Carol Springer
Co-Founder, Head of Salesforce & Pardot Consulting, Sales Operations Consulting, Marketing Automation


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