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Liz Llamas is a lawyer and crypto enthusiast. She worked the last few years developing a crypto-based investing product for Daizy, which focused on educating people on crypto, web3 technologies, and how to invest in digital assets.

She is currently co-founder of Kitchain, a web3 native agency helping companies transition into and build in web3.

She is also co-founder of wingwomen, a community focused on helping more women onboard web3.  

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Jennifer Sanasie is a serial innovator with a passion for making Web3 accessible.

She is a co-host of the daily news show, The Hash on CoinDesk TV.

CoinDesk is a leader in cryptocurrency and Web3 news with in-depth analysis, video and live price updates.

Jennifer has worked with numerous Web3 projects and companies as a marketer, including Windranger Labs, a core contributor to BitDAO.



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With over 20 years of marketing experience, Pascal Ehrsam has helped founders and CEOs launch, accelerate, and scale their businesses.​

From his early days in marketing, Pascal led and managed digital strategies for large global brands such as L'Oréal and HSBC.​

The impact it had on his customers and the end-users motivated Pascal to follow his passion for marketing - to create value for a new generation of businesses: startups. 

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