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Pascal Ehrsam
Chief Marketing Officer
REAP Advisor
New York, USA

With over 20 years of marketing experience, Pascal has helped founders and CEOs launch, accelerate, and scale their businesses.

From his early days in marketing, Pascal led and managed digital strategies for large global brands such as L'Oréal and HSBC.

The impact it had on his customers and the end-users motivated Pascal to follow his passion for marketing - to create value for a new generation of businesses: startups. 


In his free time, Pascal enjoys exploring the many nuances of entrepreneurial culture in the metropolitan New York & Paris areas.

Passionate about marketing and technology,
Pascal helps entrepreneurs craft and deploy effective
go-to-market strategies that uniquely position
their tech ventures to succeed.


 I excel at building businesses and brands that uniquely meet the customers’ needs and fill a gap in the market. 

I'm dedicated to driving maximum impact for Reap entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their venture. 


• Marketing strategy, audience definition, brand positioning and messaging

• Awareness, performance-based, and product marketing campaigns 

• Customer acquisition, CRM, and marketing automation



I use best-in-class frameworks to help entrepreneurs solve the specific needs of their customers and leverage opportunities in the market to build unique and sustainable solutions. 

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"As a REAP advisor, it is my goal to help you pursue your entrepreneurial dream."

Pascal helped me crystallize who my customers are, what my right-to-win is, and how and where I should communicate about my product.


His method is pure art & science, Mercedes meets McKinsey. 

Founder scaling
an eCommerce SaaS product

Pascal is a wonderful storyteller. He cares deeply about customers, he knows how to craft messages rooted in consumer and/or market truths, and is a pleasure to work with.

His understanding of the journey customers take before making a purchase decision - in this case, a financial product - is also what sets him apart.

Co-founder of a FinTech startup

By working with Pascal, I was able to successfully launch our recruiting software and raise a Series A round with top investors.

His passion for marketing and technology, his great knowledge of B2B channels and decision-making, and his desire to understand our business in-and-out made our collaboration seamless and very effective

CEO of an HR Tech company

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