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Are you passionate about building a more sustainable future?

Does your company help the world at large recover from years of overuse? 

Weekly gatherings on Thursday at noon ET for 12 weeks

REAP Group with Yoram Greener
“Achieve Product-fit
for Environmental Businesses” 

is designed for you.



CEO, founder, or co-founder in an environmental tech and sustainable technology industry currently in post-seed to A-round.
You're building or thinking of launching a breakthrough science or design-led technology, or have launched a disruptive technology in the environmental space.

It’s likely not your first experience because you’re highly creative, curious, and you’re not afraid of experimenting. You feel a sense of urgency and you consider yourself socially responsible. In other words, you care about the world at large.

Drawing on a Board


To reach your next phase of growth, receive business guidance while meeting with other eco-friendly startups.

You also want answers:


  1. What tech stack do I need?

  2. Is my product or solution viable? 

  3. Am I disrupting the industry and is that a good thing?

  4. What barriers or roadblocks should I be aware of and prepare for?

  5. How do I go to market?

  6. How can I use data to support my growth?

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Boxed Water Is Better


  1. To be guided by a seasoned executive who has done it before. As an entrepreneur, being accountable and supported is vital to your success.

  2. To be inspired and to have clarity about your weekly focus to see real progress.

  3. Weekly opportunities to discuss your milestones. 

  4. Introductions to entrepreneurs with a similar passion and path in a trusted environment.


By the end of the 3 months, you will

  • Celebrate your business achievements 

  • Accomplish your goals and objectives

  • Build relationships with peers


You will also receive:

  • A login to Reap Software

  • Access to best-in-class frameworks

  • The opportunity to learn from other Reap Advisors

  • Discover Web3 by attending Reap MeetUps

The number one reason why businesses fail
is there’s no market need.

 This is why you want guidance, knowledge, and tools to get your work done faster and avoid pitfalls.



Each week, you will be immersed in a Reap experience to help you gain clarity or inspiration. You'll be given opportunities to give and receive guidance, and answers using the Reap gatherings signature with liberating structure techniques such as brainstorming, sitting in the clarity seat, participating in the weekly stand-up, a business plan crafting, or joining a group auditing session.


Over the course of 3 months, you will dive into these tracks:


Is my product, service,
or solution viable? 

Whether you’re building or just launched your startup, finding product-market fit is a good indicator of the success of your venture. Take a step back and pose these questions: Is this market viable? Is this product viable?


In this track, you’ll work on:


  1. Finding your Minimum Viable Product that your customers agree is viable. 

  2. Using data and data science to gather information about the viability of my product, service, or solution

  3. Conducting a Product and Market Viability Analysis 


Am I disrupting the industry?

Positioning your product in the correct category can make all the difference as to whether or not people will find and understand it.


In this track, you’ll work on: 

  1. The positive and negative risks of disrupting the market

  2. Understanding if you have a stand-alone or a subset of an existing one

  3. Writing the articulation stages


What barriers or roadblocks should I be aware of? 

Understanding the roadblocks and environmental constraints that could affect your ability to complete product development and go to market is essential.


In this track, you’ll work on: 

  1. Identifying the roadblocks coming from legal, resources, and consumer expectations.

  2. Understand how you can overcome those barriers to market entry.


How do I go to market?

The final step is to plan your business launch, and execute it. 

In this track, you’ll:

  1.  Design small, agile tests of various concepts.

  2. Monitor and track your campaigns


Passionate about data science, Yoram Greener
is at the forefront of new forms of media and commerce planning, analyzing data to build effective and efficient plans based on consumer behavior
rather than traditional demographics.

Yoram has a passion for data and analytics and a desire to see others win. Yoram revels in telling a good case study on data-driven success like a war veteran telling stories of epic battles in days of yore.

Reap is like a gym membership for my business. I get support and training, and similar to a trainer, my Reap advisor gets results. He helps me show up, and be on top of my game.

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Running a business is no picnic. Why go it alone? 

Join a community
with more ways
to help you thrive.

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