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Fruits and Cosmetics

Is your company
on a mission
to make the world
a healthier place?

Are you a health-obsessed entrepreneur?

Weekly gatherings on Thursday at noon ET

REAP Group with
Virginie Glaenzer

“Storytelling Your Health Solution” 
is designed for you.



Founder, CEO, C-executive, or a Marketer in a health-related industry - be it in the medical, mental, wellness, fitness, nutrition, or sleep field - currently in post-Seed to Series B. 
You’ve built - or are in the process of designing - an innovative solution to bring better health to all. You are looking to take your startup through the next phase of growth.


You are mission-driven, determined, focused - and above all, you care.


To equip your startup for the next phase of growth - through good, memorable, unique storytelling.


You also really want answers:

  1. What makes for a good brand story? What makes it believable?

  2. How do I craft my mission, vision, and values so it appeals to all stakeholders?

  3. How do I best convey my passion for the business while explaining the strength of my solution?

  4. How should I balance storytelling and lead generation on my website?

  5. What role should other marketing channels play in telling my story?

Test Tubes


  1. To be guided by a seasoned executive who has done it before. As an entrepreneur, being accountable and supported is vital to your success.

  2. To be inspired and to have clarity about your weekly focus to see real progress.

  3. Weekly opportunities to discuss your milestones. 

  4. Introductions to entrepreneurs with a similar passion and path in a trusted environment.


By the end of the 3 months, you will

  • Celebrate your business achievements 

  • Accomplish your goals and objectives

  • Build relationships with peers


You will also receive:

  • A login to Reap Software

  • Access to best-in-class frameworks

  • The opportunity to learn from other Reap Advisors

  • Discover Web3 by attending Reap MeetUps

Reap Sprint “Storytelling your Health Solution” will give you the business and marketing guidance you need.

And connect you with other health-obsessed startups and entrepreneurs.



Each week, you will be immersed in a Reap experience to help you gain clarity or inspiration. You'll be given opportunities to give and receive guidance, and answers using the Reap gatherings signature with liberating structure techniques such as brainstorming, sitting in the clarity seat, participating in the weekly stand-up, a business plan crafting, or joining a group auditing session.


Over the course of 3 months, you will dive into these tracks:


Can my brand story capture
the hearts & minds?

Whether you’ve launched recently or have been in business for a long time, the reason behind your company should always be your North Star. And as such, it has to capture the hearts and minds of everyone that comes across it.


Don’t settle for the purely rational or functional. Crafting a memorable and unique story is art and science. Let us show you how.


In this track, you will work on:

  1. Defining or strengthening the why for your company - your mission, vision & values

  2. Writing a company manifesto that appeals to all business stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, investors, and journalists

  3. Crafting your brand story and developing various angles to communicate it


How do I best leverage
my website to storytell?

Your website is your storefront. It is the face of your brand, the place where customers discover your solution, or future employees get to know you. So how do you balance these multiple objectives and stakeholders? 


Think about your website as an extension of your brand. A series of experiences that tell a collective story about who you are, what you do, and why you do it.


In this track, you will work on:

  1. Clarifying who your audiences are and what you need to communicate on your website

  2. Identifying your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for better storytelling on your website

  3. Creating new brand “modules” while rebalancing how you address the needs of multiple stakeholders on your website 


How do I use other marketing channels to express my brand?

Whether you are sending a single email to a prospect or developing a year-long marketing calendar, you need to infuse your storytelling in each and every interaction with the market.


This is where your channel strategy comes into play: What channels should you deploy to tell your story, and how? 


In this track, you will work on:

  1. Identifying all the marketing channels necessary to an effective go-to-market strategy

  2. Clarifying the role of each marketing channel in telling the story of your brand, your products, and services

  3. Creating a content marketing strategy to bring your strategy to life and make the most of your resources


After 30 years in sales and marketing, Virginie is passionate about Web3 and the emerging economy. She helps founders get things done in the least amount of effort.

Virginie is passionate about marketing and technology, and a wonderful storyteller. She is very knowledgeable about the health-tech space and cares about our success as if his life depended on it.

Reap is the fuel any growing business needs. The spring cohort creates urgency, brings discipline and focus, and has been a space to experiment and push the boundaries of how to market our solution.


Running a business is no picnic. Why go it alone? 

Join a community
with more ways
to help you thrive.

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