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Virginie Glaenzer
Chief Marketing Officer
REAP Advisor
New York, USA

A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of enterprise and commercial marketing expertise, Virginie thrives on helping her clients scale and win in the fast-paced, competitive startup environment.

Her mastery in storytelling and enrollment has led to increased market reach and brand recognition for her clients. 


In 2017, she created an on-demand, co-working community pop-up platform, affording the entrepreneurial community access to a creative workspace. This was the turning point Virginie realizes her calling - to empower and uplift people to realize the abundant power and capability they have within.   


Today, Virginie lends her voice as a host with the Yin Leadership Network, leads as a fractional CMO with AcornOak, and founded the Reap Solution, a resource for the entrepreneurial community to thrive and succeed in their endeavors.

Passionate about Web3 and the emerging economy, Virginie champions a truly inclusive environment
where teams thrive and bring their authentic selves
to spark innovation and market growth.


I excel at promoting emerging leadership trends and evolving leaders' relationships with others.

I'm dedicated to improving people's lives by maximizing their efforts and making their intentions a reality.

• Growth hacker marketing, storytelling and digital branding and marketing,
• Social media strategy, i
nfluencers' strategy, content development, 
• Metrics and analytics, marketing ROI



I use best-in-class frameworks to help entrepreneurs build agile and cutting-edge digital marketing and sales-funnel strategies to drive business sustainability.


"It's your time to shine, and as a REAP host,
my mission is
to make it happen."

Virginie helped us across branding, content marketing, and general marketing strategies.
She helped us apply frameworks across business lines and recognize missing or weak points on all things marketing. We worked together across brand, messaging, content marketing, and SEM strategy.

Founder scaling a hiring marketplace

Virginie is a brilliant and multifaceted Renaissance woman who continuously sprinkles her genius on people, projects, and the co-creation of building a better future. 

She always brought deep insights, super helpful, practical knowledge, and expertise to the issues the group was addressing.

Consultant launching her practice

Virginie' s suggestions and acumen truly helped us develop a strong foundation, and provided the us with the insight we needed to establish a solid plan for the future.

I couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome of our work together.

Founder of a retail mobile app

Fruits and Cosmetics


If you have build - or are in the process of designing - an innovative solution to bring better health to all and looking to take your startup through the next phase of growth, join Virginie every week for three months.

Ask for a discounted rate of $299 per month

Tech Lights


You are an aspiring entrepreneur who want to build a business and need support getting started or a tech founder who is validating a business idea, establishing an MVP, and securing your first customers, join Virginie today!

Ask for a discounted rate of $299 per month

Running a business is no picnic. Why go it alone? 

Join a community with more ways to help you thrive.

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