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Yoram Greener
REAP Advisor

New York, USA

With over 20 years of marketing experience, Yoram Greener is at the forefront of new forms of media and commerce growth based on rich data and analytical environment to build effective and efficient growth plans based on consumer behavior rather than generic selection and profiling methodologies. 


As an expert in audience identification and activation, Yoram uses a wide variety of digital and offline signals to create consumer-focused marketing plans.

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Since 2012, Yoram has been serving as an Adjunct Instructor for the Master of Science degree program in Integrated Marketing at New York University where he shares his insights and expertise with the next generation of marketers.

Passionate about data science and consumer behaviors,
Yoram helps disruptive brands and innovative entrepreneurs apply marketing technology
and data to disrupt the status quo.


I excel in finding product market-fit and identifying market demand which are crucial for growth.

I work with Reap entrepreneurs who have a sense of urgency and aren't afraid to experiment.


  • Application technologies, Martech, datascience, algorithmic and AI development.

  • How to Build a Product from A to Z

  • Defining the Tech Stack for Growth.

  • Finding Product Market-fit and Identifying Market Demand.



I use best-in-class frameworks to help entrepreneurs solve the specific needs of their customers and leverage opportunities in the market to build unique and sustainable solutions. 


"As a REAP host, I help my cohort swim in business story waters."


I’m lucky to have worked with Yoram at Media Storm in his role as head of advanced analytics, rather than as a student in his class at NYU.

His passion for data and analytics are only eclipsed by his desire to win. Yoram revels in telling a good case study on data driven success like a war veteran telling stories of epic battles in days of yore. The main difference is Yoram doesn’t need to exaggerate – he has data to back up his epic tales! His method is pure art & science, Mercedes meets McKinsey. 

Advertising Leader

Professor Yoram is by far one of the smartest and hard working professors I have ever met at NYU. His Advanced Test course was very informative and challenging but rewarding.

He is very knowledgeable about Marketing Analytics and Test Design.


I have learned a lot practical skills from Professor Yoram's class!

Senior Brand Marketing Manager


If you're building or thinking of launching a breakthrough science or design-led technology, or have launched a disruptive technology in the environmental space, join Yoram Greener to reach your next phase of growth and receive business guidance while meeting with other eco-friendly startups.

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Upcoming Events

Online Meeting


Join this gathering to meet with Yoram Greener who will share his thoughts and experience helping entrepreneurs use data science and consumer behaviors to disrupt the status quo.

  1. What is the best indicator of a good market-fit?

  2. How long should an entrepreneur work at finding Market-fit before realizing there is none?

  3. As a Reap Advisor, what are the key steps that you recommend to entrepreneurs when building their data infrastructure?

  4. What is the one thing to avoid, or biggest mistake or trap that entrepreneurs fall into regarding analytics and data?